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Wood Furniture Custom Made from WST-ARTS LLC

Here at WST-ARTS New Mexico, we have been creating and building original wooden products for over 10 years. These range from Soap Box Derby cars to complete kitchens; and pretty much everything in between!

WST-ARTS specializes in custom built smaller furniture: stools, benches, cedar chests, toy boxes, dressing tables/dressers, clocks, RV items (sink covers/cutting boards and range cover/cutting boards are popular) and many other similar items. Many of our products feature Southwestern design motifs complimenting any décor.

We personally select each piece of wood used in our products. With the exception of cutting boards, we at WST-ARTS try to find stock that is interesting in some way. An extraordinary eye catching special color, marking or grain pattern will make your decision to choose WST-ARTS easy. When we choose stock for our cutting boards, we start with the best hard maple we can buy and then add only hardwoods with a tight grain pattern ensuring your board is easy to clean and safe to use. Our common woods of choice are North and South American hardwoods, but we do use softwoods when appropriate or requested. WST-ARTS uses many techniques to personalize your prized wood items: sandblasting of glass and wood, wood-burning, inlaying, and decorative joinery will make your art the envy of all who see it.

Our cutting boards and chopping blocks come pre-oiled. WST-ARTS uses only Kosher approved food grade mineral oils. Mineral oil is used because it will not turn rancid like most other oils. We use only FDA approved glues for food contact ensuring the cutting boards you purchase from us will be safe to use for a long time. Learn more about wood cutting board safety.

WST-ARTS invites you to browse our web-site, if you don't see something you can use, tell us what you need. At WST-ARTS we can custom build almost anything you want. We will work with you to create or refine your ideas into a masterpiece of wooden art.

Remember, "Everything Goes With Wood".